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The Haldia Dock Complex was originally built to take some load off the overflowing Kolkata Port. After thorough investigation, Haldia on the west bank of River Hooghly was selected for the new dock complex. Growth of Haldia Dock Complex that started its functioning in 1968, got momentum with the commissioning of Haldia Port in February 1977, when it started its international operations.

Haldia Dock Complex is strategically located with respect to the various major steel plants, power plants, ore and coalmines of India. As such, this dock system has significant potential to grow in future considering the growth prospects of the industries located within its hinterland. Such growth prospects have also opened up huge investment opportunities at Haldia.

Commanding prime land, the Dock Complex encourages and facilitates planned land allotment for setting up plants, storage facilities, pipelines, tank farms, CFS and warehouse, offices and commercial complexes.

Since inception the dock has continuously increased its capacity and infrastructure, modernised and augmented its fleet of cargo handling equipment and flotilla, played a pivotal role in industrial consolidation and has collaborated with many industries to achieve newer heights. The present capacity of Haldia Dock complex is 50.7 Million Metric Tons.

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