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Last Updated On: 16-Apr-2014

Check list for examination of Procurement (Works/ Purchases/ Services) Contracts

  • Pre-Award Stage
  • Financial and Technical sanction of competent authority is available.
  • Adequate and wide publicity is given. Advertisement is posted on website and tender documents are available for downloading.
  • Convenient tender receiving/opening time and address of the tender receiving officials/tender box are properly notified.
  • In the case of limited tender, panel is prepared in a transparent manner clearly publishing the eligibility criteria. The panel is updated regularly.
  • Pre-qualification criteria are properly defined/ notified.
  • Short listed firms/consultants are fulfilling the eligibility criteria. There is no deviation from notified criteria during evaluation.
  • Experience certificates submitted have been duly verified.
  • Tenders/bids are opened in the presence of bidders.
  • Corrections/omissions/additions etc., in price bid are properly numbered and attested and accounted page wise. Tender summary note/ Tender opening register is scrupulously maintained.
  • Conditions having financial implications are not altered after opening of the price bids.
  • In case of consultancy contracts (a)Upper ceiling limit is fixed for consultancy fee and (b) Separate rates for repetitive works are fixed.
  • Post-award stage
  • General
  • Agreement is complete with all relevant papers such as pre-bid conference minutes, etc.
  • Agreement is page-numbered, signed and sealed properly.
  • Bank Guarantee is verified from issuing bank.
  • Insurance policies, labour licence, performance guarantee are taken as per contract.
  • Technical personnel are deployed as per contract.
  • Plant and equipment are deployed as per contract.
  • Action for levy of liquidated damages is taken in case of delay/default.
  • Payments to contractors
  • Price escalation is paid only as per contract.
  • Retention Money/Security Deposit is deducted as per contract.
  • Recovery of Mobilisation & Equipment advance is made as per the provisions in the contract.
  • Recovery of I.Tax & Works Contract tax is made as per provisions in the contract.
  • Glaring deviations are supported with adequate justification and are not advantageous to the contractor.
  • Site Records
  • Proper system of recording and compliance of the instructions issued to the contractors is maintained.
  • Proper record of hindrances is maintained for the purpose of timely removal of the hindrance and action for levy of liquidated damages.
  • Mandatory tests are carried out as per the frequency prescribed in the Agreement.
For complaints against corruption please dial Toll free number: 1800 345 3984
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